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Museum Villa dei Cedri

The Museum of Villa dei Cedri is housed in a suburban villa of character, with the benefit of reworking in the style of Palladio carried out in around 1920, with the original neo-classic construction dating from 1860. It was opened to the public in 1985 and contains a permanent collection dedicated to art in the areas of Ticino, Lombardy and Switzerland from the second half of the nineteenth century up to the present day. The Museum is particularly appreciated by visitors for its park, the layout of which is unique in the Bellinzona region, and for the vineyard located behind the villa which produces the much-loved Merlot.

The collection of the Museum is represented by works that strongly characterised the period of transition from realism to symbolism (Segantini, Grubicy de Dragon, Pellizza da Volpedo, Rossi, Franzoni, Feragutti-Visconti, Berta, Chiesa and Vela), the subjects of the twentieth century and their regional developments (Carpi, De Grada, Corty, Foglia, Gonzato, Ribola, Sartori, Tallone and Tosi), and the informal – in its dual lyrical/abstract matrix – or with strong expressive values (Cavalli, della Torre, Ferrari, Gabai, Lavagnino, Lucchini, Palerma, Repetto, Sirotti, Spreafico, Strazza). A strength of the collection is however the work on paper that best captures the most intimate and most reflective work of the artists and that today represents a good two thirds of the collection. Another feature of the Museum is the monographic engravings. The history of these dates back twenty years with the creation of the first engravings dedicated to Massimo Cavalli and Ubaldo Monico and is then followed by those of Giovanni Molteni, Giuseppe Foglia, Giovanni Genucchi, Giuseppe Bolzani, the Mercoli family of artists, Renzo Ferrari, Paolo Mazzucchelli, Edmondo Dobrzanski, Edoardo Berta, Filippo Boldini, Giulia Napoleone, Enrico della Torre, Italo Valenti, Gianni Metalli and, in recent years, by those dedicated to Fernando Bordoni and Fiorenza Bassetti.

The works kept in the collection are displayed regularly in specific projects but also complement the works and the theme of temporary exhibitions. The exhibition programme generally provides for two to three exhibitions a year with offers that vary from innovative projects to exhibitions with a more traditional format.

The Museum offers the following guided tours for groups (up to 25 persons) upon a written request:

  • guided tours of all the current exhibitions at the Municipal Museum of Villa dei Cedri (duration about 1 hour). Price: SFr. 180.- (in Italian) / SFr. 200.- (in a foreign language);
  • historical-botanical tours of the Villa dei Cedri and its park (duration about 1 hour). Price: SFr. 180.- (in Italian) / SFr. 200.- (in a foreign language);
  • combined tours: guided tour of the current exhibition followed by a historical-botanical tour of the Villa dei Cedri and its park (minimum duration 1 hour and a half). Price: SFr. 220.- (in Italian) / SFr. 250.- (in a foreign language).


    Villa dei Cedri is a small museum surrounded by the imposing centuries-old trees that adorn its park. Once a private residence in the suburbs of Bellinzona, it is today an integral part of the city, in the heart of Ticino. 

    In order to tell the story of such a unique museum, we wanted to create an original narration, far from the didactic and conventional character of the classic institutional audio guides. The result is a recording that does not focus on the permanent collection, nor on one of the many temporary exhibitions, but on historical events, architectural features and nature, key elements of the museum's identity.

    The three-voice dialogue is created by actors who accompany the visitor on a walk through the tree-lined avenues, the Italian-style flower garden, the wineyard and the orchard, discovering a distant past. The speech is interwoven with specially made music and evocative sounds recorded on site. From this colloquial narration emerges a story at once intimate and public – as are the villa and its park – which appears at times nostalgic and at times reflective. The recovery and sharing of the museum's origins is thus combined with the present and future perspective of its role within the community.

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