Image 0 - Museo cantonale di storia naturale, Lugano
Image 1 - Museo cantonale di storia naturale, Lugano
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Museo cantonale di storia naturale, Lugano

The main task of the Cantonal Museum of Natural History is to investigate, document, study and divulge the knowledge relating to the natural heritage of the Canton Ticino, as well as to encourage a deeper awareness of the growing role played by man in the natural environment.

The Museum undertakes a regular research activity, handles a collection of more than half a million items (minerals, rocks, fossils, animals, plants and fungi) and has a specialized library. It acts as an important focus of reference for individuals, schools, research institutes, associations, tourism and public administration.

The permanent exhibition (1100 m2) illustrates the different features of Ticino natural landscape: large habitat reconstructions (dioramas) display the most significant plant and animal species, while an important section is dedicated to rocks, minerals and fossils such as those of the famous reptiles found on Monte San Giorgio. A speciality of the Museum is the mushrooms exhibition that offers an exhaustive overall view of the fungi of the Canton Ticino.

Beside the permanent exhibition, the institute organises temporary exhibitions, courses and conferences, produces publications and didactic materials and cooperates with other institutions in the construction of nature trails.

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