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Gusta Ticino - Food Zurich

Gusta Ticino at FOOD ZURICH!

Ticino will also participate with the classics of gastronomic tradition at one of the biggest gastronomic festivals in Europe: polenta, risotto and merlot, but not only. On Saturday 17 September, Gusta Ticino, a 9-kilometre route with 7 culinary stops in the corners of Zurich, awaits you to taste and savour Ticino from breakfast to dessert.

Join Gusta Ticino now!

FOOD ZURICH: the festival that attracts the public with a selection of the best slow food, fine food and street food takes place once a year for 11 days throughout Zurich and the region with over 100 events dedicated to the culinary arts. Zurich's 50 most creative restaurants and young talents cook up their City Dish creations during the festival.


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