Image 0 - Cycling holidays: Ticino Highlights - Nord-Sud-Route
Image 1 - Cycling holidays: Ticino Highlights - Nord-Sud-Route
Image 2 - Cycling holidays: Ticino Highlights - Nord-Sud-Route
Image 3 - Cycling holidays: Ticino Highlights - Nord-Sud-Route

Cycling holidays: Ticino Highlights - Nord-Sud-Route

The North-South Route leads through the large scenic Swiss regions of the Jura, Mittelland, Central Switzerland and over the Alps to the south in Ticino. It follows many historically and culturally significant traffic routes and visits many places of interest from Basel to Chiasso. The whole trail is 365 km long, about which 30km are not paved, and the elevation difference is 3600 m. 

The itinerary can be booked online at the following website: www.eurotrek.ch

The stages in Ticino:

Day 1: Arrival in Airolo / Airolo - Biasca
Baggage delivery in Airolo. Quinto, Faido and Giornico: Places that are normally only known from the transit train turn out to be lovely villages when viewed from up close. Somewhat rougher are the surrounding peaks of the Gotthard massif. Your destination is Biasca with its patrician houses and Romanesque churches. Details: approx. 40 km, uphill 145 m, downhill 1'025 m

Day 2: Biasca - Bellinzona
Leventina has always been a passage corridor. The farther south one gets, the milder the climate becomes. Effortlessly you follow along the Ticino river, past chestnut trees and vineyards. Bellinzona, because of its many castles, called "La Turita". Details: approx. 25 km, uphill 75 m, downhill 135 m

Day 3: Bellinzona - Locarno 
Past small villages you will cycle through the Magadino plain. The Lago Maggiore gets closer and closer until you finally roll along a busy promenade into the center of Locarno. Reward yourself with a ride across the Piazza Grande. Details: approx. 25 km, uphill 90 m, downhill 120 m

Day 4: Locarno - Mendrisio
By train via Giubiasco to Rivera Bironico. The postcard beauty of the blue Lago di Lugano, for thousands of dream holidays, Morcote as a photo opportunity. The southernmost tip of Ticino, the Mendrisiotto, an exciting cauldron of gas stations, trading houses, customs, highways and railways. Details: approx. 45 km, uphill 335 m, downhill 450 m

Day 5: Mendrisio - Lugano / Departure
You already know the first part of this section: Near Figino branch off the north-south route and follow the quiet small paths to the center of Lugano. Upon arrival at the port of Lugano individual departure. Details: approx. 30 km, uphill 275 m, downhill 295 m


  • 4 nights with breakfast
  • Daily luggages transfer
  • Bike transfer from Locarno to Rivera-Bironico
  • One set of detailed travel documents (maps, route description, places of interest, telephone numbers) 
  • Entrance to the castles of Bellinzona
  • Personal tour information
  • Carefully elaborated route
  • Service hotline