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Wine tasting

Approximately 3,000 winegrowers in Ticino care for their vineyards, 83% of which are Merlot grapes. In recent years, there has been a tendency to cultivate indigenous grape varieties such as Bondola or Freisa.

To discover the world of wine, there is nothing better than to immerse oneself completely in it. There are more than forty Ticino wine cellars ready to welcome you for a pleasant tasting of their best wine products. Not only excellent merlot wine, but also new mixtures of different grapes, the result of a high-quality production. Seize the opportunity to discover the Ticino winemaking tradition and innovation, by combining your meetings with a visit among the sunny vineyards.

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In addition to wine tastings, Ticino offers many activities related to food and wine. Thanks to Swiss Wine Tour, you can discover the perfect wine tourism experience for wine lovers.

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Swiss Wine Tour is a selection of wine tourism offers from the different Swiss wine regions, including Ticino; an area with a strong wine tradition and culture. Thanks to Swiss Wine Tour you can (re)discover the true essence of craftsmanship and live an adventure related to the local product by purchasing your Ticino wine tourism experience directly online!

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