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Local shops

The cooperation in the agricultural network "Ticino a te" has given rise to regional shops at various locations in Ticino. 

These are the perfect place to find the fruits of Ticino's producers, to rediscover unique flavours. Regional products that reflect the identity of Ticino, that offer a wide range of flavours and that are able to satisfy the needs of every consumer.

Are you looking for such a shop?  You can find it at Camping Campofelice in Tenero, in Morcote, in Chiasso (Ul Mezanin), in Morbio Inferiore at the Corte del Vino, at the Infopoint in Bellinzona, at the Infopoint in Biasca and at Il Larice in Leontica. Not in the area? Don't worry, you can find many products and producers near you by visiting the website ticinoate.ch and consulting the interactive map. 

Agricultural products are the memory and wealth of a region, a heritage made up of traditions, gestures and cults. It is ancient knowledge born from the inseparable link between food and territory. Getting to know the local producers better is therefore also an encounter with Ticino culture, rich in unique know-how, namely that of our "craftsmen of taste".

The regional shops, the so-called "botteghe del territorio" are small shops that are easily recognisable thanks to their common and distinctive identity. As a consumer, you have the opportunity to find a wide range of local products, including those certified with the "Ticino regio.garantie" brand.

The shops have an innovative design, are built from Ticino chestnut wood and handmade by experienced local craftsmen. The result is able to inspire for the authenticity of the products.


  • TYPICAL PRODUCTS Beer , Cheese , Cold cuts , Specialties , Wine
  • SHOPPING Boutique Town