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Borromee Islands

Private boat trip from Stresa to the three Borromeo Islands, a real gem in Lake Maggiore.

The Isola Bella, with its magnificent Palazzo and its XVI Century Giardino all’italiana, full of rare and exotic trees; the Isola Madre, the largest one, known for its silente atmosphere and an exotic garden of rare plants and flowers in which peacocks and parrots live in full freedom; the Isola dei Pescatori, and its narrow street running along its spine, joined by cobbled alleys to the promenade which encircles the island and full of boutiques selling craft products.

Touring around islands, you can see the beauty of Stresa, Baveno and Verbania villas, with mountains behind them. At east the Rocca (Castle) d’Angera rises over a rock, and the Santa Caterina del Sasso hermitage hangs on rocks above lake’s waters.