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Project National Park Adula

Adula Park, a candidate for National Park certification, lies in the center of the Alpine arc. It is one of Switzerland’s largest contiguous landscapes untouched by significant human encroachment. The park’s eponym is the Adula Mountain, also known as Rheinwaldhorn, in the heart of the park.

The park comprises the large valleys on the edges of the cantons of Ticino and Graubünden, around the Adula Massif: the Blenio Valley, parts of the Surselva and the Hinterrhein as well as Graubünden’s Misox. Typical of the region are its small, but high, Alpine valleys such as Val Sumvitg, Val Calanca, Val Malvaglia, and Valle Santa Maria, among others.

Amazing geological formations and a varied vegetation are typical of the park. The forest, which today covers half the entire area, grows at various altitudes, ranging from pastureland to hill tracts to sub-alpine, frequently steep, mountain slopes. Due to the partially southerly climate extending from the Po Plain and the Mediterranean up to southern Switzerland, chestnut forests thrive here.

There are also a variety of languages and cultures in Switzerland: In the southern and eastern regions of the Adula Park Italian is the vernacular: in the north German is widely spoken, and in some of the valleys Rhaeto-Romanic is prevalent.

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