For a carefree holiday.

Travelise. What is it?

Travelise is the first Swiss agency to organise 100% all-inclusive surprise holidays in several Swiss cantons, including the Canton of Ticino. Thanks to the Ticino Tour package, you will experience, or have experienced, an all-Ticino day. So, equip yourself with plenty of curiosity, a pinch of adventure spirit and Travelise will take care of the rest!

Curious about the offer?

The Ticino Tour package is in the form of a gift voucher and includes several stop-over that will only be revealed on your arrival in Ticino. The meeting point is in Lugano at 10.30 a.m. During the day, a private driver will accompany you for the entire tour. You will have the opportunity to taste typical specialities, meet local artisans and immerse yourself in exceptional places, in total relaxation. The return trip is scheduled for around 8 p.m. to the starting point. Looking forward to the trip? Let yourself be inspired by Ticino and fly with your imagination.

Is this type of holiday not for you? It's not the only experience you can have in Ticino, find your own!