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Manuela Nicoletti

Position: Director of Marketing, Country Manager Switzerland
Tel. +41 (0)91 821 53 39
Employed at TT since: 2008

My personal Ticino tip:
In Ticino spring time starts earlier than anywhere in Switzerland. When it is still snowing in Zurich for example, in Ticino you will already be able to enjoy your cappuccino sitting at the promenade of Ascona or Lugano, while the sun tickles your nose. I simply adore these first warmer days of the year, when birds start singing again and flowers are in bloom. Imagine taking a walk at the Lake Maggiore where you will find beautiful Magnolia trees blossoming as well as Camelia flowers. Or catch one of the funiculars in Lugano to climb one of the local mountains with breathtaking views over the awakening nature. It’s just beautiful – look and see for yourself!

The exciting thing about my job:
Being able to transfer my passion for this beautiful region to potential guests and „multipliers“ by showing them both, the unexpected and expected.

Excursions, Cinema, Food and Beverage.

Michel Cavadini

Position: Head of Foreign Markets & Country Manager Uk, France, Nordics, Asia
Tel. +41 (0)91 821 53 36
Employed at TT since: 2007

My personal Ticino tip:
Summer in Ticino is amazing. Why going on holiday, if the holiday is here? The region features breathtaking hideaways during the day and captivating festivals at night. Picturesque river gorges and secret beaches will spoil you during the sunny lazy day. At night, you should not miss a screening on the Piazza Grande during the Locarno Film Festival, where you will be able to breathe the unmistakable Ticino Summer breeze. Enjoy!

The exciting thing about my job:
Escorting in Ticino journalists and trade operators who have never been here before. I love to see their faces while discovering the unexpected beauties of the region.

Hiking, travel planning and bar hopping.

Veronica Lafranchi

Position: Country Manager USA
Tel. +41 (0)91 821 53 31
Employed at TT since: 2007

My personal Ticino tip:
The Valle Bavona, is one of the most authentic and out of the beaten path places in the world. Who could think that there is still a place that does not have electricity by choice? Every house has solar panels to get light and gas for cooking. 12 villages made of stone houses, steep rocky mountains, waterfalls, lush vegetation a crystal-clear river, and nice grottis.
It is like time travel!

The exciting thing about my job:
Promote this amazing region and be able to live here. At the same time, tell everyone how beautiful it is and travel around the world. I could not ask for more.

Stand up paddle, concerts.

Jasmin Haslimeier

Position: Project Manager Switzerland
Tel. +41 (0)91 821 53 32
Employed at TT since: 2011

My personal Ticino tip:
Muggio Valley: The most southern Valley of Switzerland is a hidden gem. After work, I often take my road bike and I immerge into a complete landscape of peace and natural beauty, pedaling along the mellow windings. Lying at the foot of Monte Generoso, this valley has preserved its entire naturalness. In 2014, the Muggio Valley has been declared the most beautiful Swiss landscape by the Swiss Foundation of Landscape Conservation.

The exciting thing about my job:
T like THE most beautiful spot in CH
I like INCREDIBILY genuine
C like CALL it a piece of paradise
I like ITALIAN lifestyle
N like NOTHING compares to it
O like ON the sunny side of CH

Cycling, motorbiking, skiing, windsurfing and 9 languages.

Samuel Righetti

Position: Product Manager Meetings, Wedding & Expat
Tel. +41 (0)91 821 53 13
Employed at TT since: 2019

My personal Ticino tip:
The Piora Valley, located in the north of Ticino, is the paradise for hiking and mountain bikers! Away from the throngs of tourists, soft walks through the Alpine scenery and beautiful mountain lakes will reward the excursionists with breathtaking panoramic views. The cherry on top is to stop for lunch in one of the typical alpine huts offering delicious “polenta” and “torta di pane”. Great experiences, just around the corner!

The exciting thing about my job:
Promoting Ticino as suitable MICE destination allows me to meet extraordinary people, visit incredible meeting venues and offer exciting incentives activities!

Hiking, climbing, hockey.

Antonio Züger

Position: Country Manager IT, BENELUX, GCC
Tel. +41 (0)91 821 53 04
Employed at TT since: 2020

My personal Ticino tip:
The typical Ticino villages of Gandria and Brè, with their old stones houses, just next to the city of Lugano. Unspoiled, picturesque villages where you can enjoy either beautiful hikes and amazing panoramas from Mount Brè or a lakefront lunch after a walk through Gandria’s alleys. They are perfect for someone who want to experience a real Ticino village during the day and amuse themselves in Lugano’s restaurants, bars and events at night!

The exciting thing about my job:
Be able to promote the beautiful experiences Ticino has to offer. From exquisite gastronomy to adventures in the outdoors. All this being able to live here; enjoying snowy peaks in winter, and lakes and rivers in summer.

Snowboarding, surfing, outdoor sports in general and music.

Daniela Bruderer

Position: Country Manager Germany
Tel. +41 (0)91 821 53 12
Employed at TT since: 2022

My personal Ticino tip:
Garden, parks and forests offer a wide range of colours for botanical lovers to enjoy. The Mediterranean climate allows subtropical flora to flourish, as can be seen at Brissago Islands and Parco San Grato. The wilder landscape offers magical woodlands such as Denti della Vecchia or Lucomagno Pass. In addition, my foraging heart is delighted by all the food that can be found all year round, from herbs, flowers and wild berries, to mushrooms and chestnuts. There is plenty to explore and taste in the whole region.

The exciting thing about my job:
To be able to promote this extraordinary region of hidden treasures, endless nature, delicious cuisine and year-round events, while meeting new people.

Foraging, hiking, cooking and enjoying food.