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Traversata Leit - Tencia

A fantastic itinerary situated in an area particularly rich in flora and geologically recognized and protected at national level. On the region you can admire, aside from the Alpine Columbine, gentians, anemones, nigritella, rhododendrons, globeflowers and Haller primroses.

A lovely excursion which allow to do a round trip and to pass from Leìt and Campo Tencia huts. From Dalpe, through the gorgeous Boscobello, you go up until the Passo Vanitt. From here, following a beautiful scenic path, you reach the Leìt hut. From the hut, after having coasted the lake, you pass at the feet of the Pizzo Prévat, a peak very appreciated from climbers and also named the «Cervinetto».

After have crossed the Bocchette Passo Leìt and Léi di Cima, you arrive at the Campo Tencia hut. The top of the Pizzo Campo Tencia, situated at Q 3’072 msm, is the higher summit entirely on Ticino territory. Around the Campo Tencia is being to be realized a nature trail. The return route goes along the Piumogna Valley, characterized by its beautiful river and from different pastures.

This excursion can also be made starting from Rodi-Fiesso (which is reachable from Rodi-Fiesso or from Airolo with the bus). You go up with the cableway until the Lago Tremorgio and from there you follow the path direction the Leìt hut.


  • Waterproof clothing, light and warm
  • Hiking boots
  • Gloves, sun cap, change of clothes
  • Backpack maximum 5-8 kg
  • First aid kit with penknife
  • Sleeping bag for overnight in alpine hut
  • Torch, sunglasses, sun cream, water-bottle
  • Hiking map/topographic map
  • Compass
  • Camera
  • Food
  • Raincover for backpacks


Montagnepulite: This project was born to promote an effective management and sustainable use of mountain huts in Ticino, and in particular the litter management. The responsible management of litter in the mountains is a matter of common sense. We can all contribute:


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