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Tour of Nara Pastures

The Nara Amphitheater is a jewel situated on a sunny slope in the heart of the Blenio Valley. 

This route leads to the discovery of the Valley‘s laden alps. The circular trail begins in Cancorì, reachable by chairlift from Leontica. The trail heads to the Gualdo-Tarco Alp and then continues northwards to reach Pian Nara. From here ascend to the Bassa di Nara for a singular point of view of the Blenio and Leventina Valleys. The trail then descends towards the Pian Laghetto Alp, the Piandioss Alp and its namesake hut and returns to Cancorì by passing Gariva (from where it is possible to hike to the Sorda Alp) and Pianezza.


The careful planning of a tour will ensure that you also derive the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from it.

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