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The path of the senses

Designed for everyone to rediscover the joy of experiencing nature with our senses: smelling, hearing, tasting, seeing and touching it.

We dispose of wonderful sensual organs that allow us to appreciate our world in varied and individual ways, provided that we are aware of our possibilities. Due to a frantic and functional lifestyle, in our daily routine we are hardly ever aware of the pleasures they can offer to us.

Careful and in-depth research has led to appropriate exercises of how to fully appreciate nature with our five senses: for example by contemplating a majestic chestnut tree, by tasting cherries and fruit, listening to singing birds, smelling the scent of bark and feeling the warmth of a rock. As you proceed, the path adds up to a multitude of sensual perceptions, lived in a different way by each and every visitor. A special experience, complete and unforgettable!

The characteristics
Veiled in the mysterious atmosphere created by singular rocks and erratic blocks, in the twilight of a particularly rich forest, ancient footpaths were rebuilt in absolute respect of the environment and the inherent  values of the sites. They were highlighted by subtle interventions, and manual work was accepted for the task exclusively.

In the following a choice of characteristic steps was made that allow visitors to be touched by their own five senses.  For some of them, the sites were specially designed, while others simply needed some instructive notes because nature has taken care to provide all the essentials.

The circuit offers a view of the Lake of Lugano, winding across a generous landscape that changes with every season. Thanks to its fortunate location, the “Sentiero dei sensi” can be recommended to persons of all ages – for its peaceful environment as for the promise of pleasant, easy walking.


  • Waterproof clothing, light and warm
  • Hiking boots
  • First aid kit with penknife
  • Sunglasses, sun cream, water-bottle
  • Hiking map/topographic map
  • Compass
  • Camera
  • Food

Montagnepulite: This project was born to promote an effective management and sustainable use of mountain huts in Ticino, and in particular the litter management. The responsible management of litter in the mountains is a matter of common sense. We can all contribute: https://www.montagnepulite.ch/en/golden-rules

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