Image 0 - The Sosto Gorge
Image 1 - The Sosto Gorge
Image 2 - The Sosto Gorge
Image 3 - The Sosto Gorge
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Image 5 - The Sosto Gorge

The Sosto Gorge

This route starts from the Olivone Post Office and rises up the old mule trail that connected Campo Blenio to Olivone until, in 1958, a tunnel was built to facilitate hydroelectric projects. 

From the village of Campo Blenio, which transforms into an ideal ski resort for families in winter, cross the entire plain until reaching the village of Aquilesco. Return to Olivone by bus or along the same trail. This itinerary reflects on the past when the Sosto Gorge represented the only link between Olivone and the area above Sosto.

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