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Giro del Monte Tamaro

A circular path with a splendid panorama leads from Monte Tamaro, from the impressive church of S. Maria degli Angeli made by the architect Mario Botta, via the Capanna Tamaro and the Alpe Duragno back down to the valley. A mountain that offers a wide range of leisure activities, with views of glistening lakes and snow-covered mountain peaks.

Quite simply, Monte Tamaro is an experience: 360° panoramic views on the peak, gorgeous scenery and many leisure activities for families attract a lot of guests in the summer. This route is a somewhat more peaceful and sunny way to discover the popular mountain. The ascent between the start of the trail and Capanna Tamaro is only shaded in late morning. The gondola takes the hikers from Rivera to Alpe Foppa in just a few minutes. A visit to the church Santa Maria degli Angeli, a modern concrete structure perched on a rocky outcrop, is almost mandatory. The cultural landmark of Monte Tamaro was designed in the 1990s by Mario Botta, the world famous local architect. The interior is the work of Italian painter Enzo Cucchi. 

It takes just a few steps to escape the racket on Alpe Foppa. Capanna Tamaro, 330 m higher up, is reached via an easy, broad trail. The views from the hut‘s terrace across the Ticino with its glittering lakes and the peaks of the Valais are a sight to behold. After catching our breath, the route continues up to the well-known destination, Monte Tamaro. In good weather the views from the top range all the way to the Monte Rosa massif and the Matterhorn. A unique aspect is that the peak offers a view of both the lowest point in Switzerland (Lago Maggiore) and the highest (Dufour Peak). From here, a popular but challenging high route continues to Monte Lema. 

The route turns around on the peak. It descends the same way to the cross-roads at Motto Rotondo shortly before the Tamaro hut. The path then branches off, down to Alpe Duragno (open to the public) with grazing cows, sheep and goats. The trail returning to Alpe Foppa follows the mountain and is pleasant to walk because it is not very steep and offers a nice view of the plane. At the destination there is a tough choice to make: a break in the mountain restaurant, a visit to the children’s playground, or perhaps an adrenaline rush on the summer sledding run, the zip line or in the adventure rope park.


Follow the logo indicated on the yellow signposts:
Giro del Monte Tamaro
n. 633


  • Hiking boots
  • Sun cap
  • Water-bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Hiking map
  • Camera
  • Food


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