Image 0 - Acquarossa: historical path number 3
Image 1 - Acquarossa: historical path number 3
Image 2 - Acquarossa: historical path number 3

Acquarossa: historical path number 3

To follow along the hiking trails is the perfect way to discover the rural Romanesque-style masterpieces in the Blenio Valley. The succession of bell towers, churches, oratories, chapels, frescoes, bridges and stately homes are artistic and architectural testimonies meriting particular attention which, together with the natural heritage, have contributed to the attractiveness of the Blenio Valley region.

Historical trail number 3 starts in Acquarossa and finishes in Malvaglia. At a distance of 7 km and a duration of 2 hours, set aside a day to fully appreciate this itinerary. 

  1. Departure: Old Station, Acquarossa
  2. Old Satro Road, Acquarossa-Dongio
  3. Glacier, torchio and grotti, Dongio
  4. Church of SS. Luca e Fiorenzo, village of Crespogno-Dongio
  5. Casa dei Pagani, Dongio
  6. Grotti di Marogno - Cats' houses, Press
  7. Oratory of the Nativity of Maria, Motto
  8. Village centre, Malvaglia-Ronge
  9. House of the Landfogti (Casa Baggio), Malvaglia-Ronge
  10. Atelier Titta Ratti - Le ville dell'emigrazione, Malvaglia
  11. Bridges over the Orino, Malvaglia
  12. Finish: Church of S. Martino, Malvaglia


The signalisation is uniform and the colour used is indicative and thematic.
The Organizzazione Turistica Regionale Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino, sede Valle di Blenio, created the historical trails that are part of the network of existing footpaths. The uniform trail signs are colored brown. In addition to signage, illustrated and thematic panels are located along the trails.

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