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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to your questions

In addition to the public transport, the Ticino Ticket will include also discounts on other touristic attractions e. g. rides on other means of transport such as cable cars or funiculars?

In addition to the regular public transportation system of the Community Arcobaleno (which includes trains, busses and postal busses), there will be several cable car/funicular companies and other tourist attractions that will offer a discount to the Ticino Ticket holders.

In case someone is not entitled to receive it, can he/she buy it?

The Ticino Ticket cannot be purchased. The only way to obtain it is to stay in either a hotel a youth hostel or in a camping site of the region.

Who is eligible to receive it for free?

The offer is intended for guests staying in hotels, youth hostels and camping sites.

Can I use the Ticino Ticket to leave the Canton, for example to reach Italy?

No. The Ticino Ticket is valid within the area embraced in the Arcobaleno Community only.

Are the navigation companies included in the Ticino Ticket?

The Navigation Company of Lake Lugano will offer discounts to the Ticino Ticket holders.

On the day of my arrival, am I entitled to get the discounts while transferring to my hotel? Or if I arrive at the hotel in the morning can I already benefit from the Ticino Ticket in the afternoon?

The Ticino Ticket is issued upon arrival at the check in. After you have checked-in you are free to use it immediately.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of the Ticino Ticket?

Here obtainable: terms and conditions