The wild heart of Ticino

From the Isole di Brissago to Bosco Gurin, passing through the shores of Lake Maggiore to the 1,550 meters of the Walser village where, once at the top, the subtropical climate becomes alpine. Explore the wild heart of Ticino.

Untouched nature, majestic landscapes and clear skies are what awaits you. Sounds good? And come and see the Onsernone Valley and discover its crafts and its very own speciality: farina bona, a type of corn flour obtained by milling toasted corn.

Crystal-clear waters and a lush green: once here, nature-lovers never wish to leave again! Come and wander in a park that offers full access to all.

Here you can enjoy unforgettable treks and outings. Return to nature in a park that is wholly unique.

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