Ticino Discovery Card

“all inclusive” with public transport:

  • Valid from 14 March to 1 November 2015
  • For any 3 calendar days in a period of 7 consecutive days:
  1. as a daily second-class card on public transport companies throughout the entire Ticino Tariff Community and Moesano (validate the daily card as instructed);
  2. as an entry ticket for various tourist attractions (mountain lifts and cable cars, museums, swimming pools and various attractions). Each site can be visited once a day;
  • Personal and not transferable; there is no refund in the event of partial use or loss, anybody misusing the card will be punished;
  • It cannot be accumulated with others offers.

Instructions for use:

  • The Ticino Discovery Card must be presented whenever requested together with the daily card and/or ticket issued by partner businesses;
  • The daily public transport card must be validated every day it is used on public transport (no more than 3 days);
  • Navigation on Lago Maggiore: only the Swiss part of the lake, boarding allowed from Locarno, Ascona, Brissago, Magadino and San Nazzaro; for an additional route it is possible to choose from amongst the following areas (Locarno-Ascona) or (Ascona-Brissago);
  • Lido Locarno: valid only for entry to swimming pools;
  • Monte Tamaro cable-car: valid only for return trips in the cable-car;
  • Tamaro-Lema crossing: special Miglieglia-Rivera shuttle bus service, paid separately;
  • Your money deposit will be returned to you, only if the card is given back at one of the service provider points or in an authorized point of sale intact and undamaged by November 30th 2015;
  • For opening periods and times consult partner companies’ internet sites;
  • Other provisions or modifications may apply when officially published on the site



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