Coronavirus in Ticino

Since the Coronavirus is a very present topic and has created some insecurities, we would like to keep our guest updated about the current situation. Please find answers to several frequently asked questions below.

  • What's the current situation?
    • In Ticino, at present, there are more than 2000 cases of patients who tested positive for Coronavirus. The new cases are immediately isolated and all necessary measures are taken.

      The state regulations currently stipulate that bars, restaurants and shops in Switzerland must remain closed until 19th April 2020 (grocery stores and pharmacies remain open).

  • Will there be any problems travelling to and from Ticino?
    • Since March 8 the circulation from Italy has been strongly limited. Traffic from all other Cantons remains regular.
      For reliable and up-to-date information, we recommend visiting the Swiss Confederation's official page:

  • I am the owner of a second home: can I go to Ticino during this period?
    • Moving to Ticino during this period, both for short and long stays, is strongly discouraged by the federal and cantonal authorities. All those who move to a second home are requested to inform the responsible municipality as soon as possible.

  • Are touristic attractions open?
    • The government regulations require that places of entertainment (notably cinemas, theatres, museums, youth centres, sports centres, fitness centres, swimming pools, wellness centres, ski resorts, discos, piano bars, night clubs) remain closed untin the 19th of April 2020.

  • What precautions have been taken by Ticino’s health care system to protect residents and guests?
    • The situation is being constantly monitored by local authorities, which are able to guarantee health control on the territory through the adoption of specific preventive actions and measures. In the last few days, the hygienic measures that public establishments, hotels and the population have to follow have been intensified. For more information, please refer to the government resolution of March 27, 2020.

  • Can I cancel my holiday?
    • The cancellation of reservations made follows the general conditions of cancellation of the individual accommodation.

  • If I need help, where can I get the latest Information?
    • People in need of up-to-date information can contact the local helpline 0800 144 144 (free call) every day. 
      Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health has set up a Coronavirus Infoline: 058 463 00 00 and one for travellers 058 464 44 88.
      It is important to stay aware of the latest information through the official channels and we would like to remind you that constant updates, timely recommendations and prevention advice are available at: or

Last update: Thursday, April 2

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