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Snowshoe trail Nara-Cancorì

This beautiful circular route for snowshoes starts in Cancorì and winds its way along a path offering a wonderful view of the Blenio Valley and its mountains in the heart of the Alps.


The route starts from the arrival of the first chairlift, at the La Pernice Restaurant. From here you set off towards the valley, climbing up and following, for some stretches, the sledge track.

The path, which starts with a gentle ascent and then descends for 3.5 km, will leave you speechless with the vastness of the splendid view looking northwards and towards the iconic Sosto, but also with a breathtaking panorama towards the lower Blenio Valley.

A link road will take you to the Pela Bar, a meeting and entertainment place where, in addition to a hot drink, you can enjoy snacks. The return on the official route will take place in Buslino.

Along this route it is possible to reach the two famous swings of Swing The World.

Another peculiarity offered by the Cancorì route can be found along the link road that leads to Pianèzza where, by lengthening the route by just over 5 minutes, it will be possible to bivouac at the “Tenda”, a small indian Teepee, unguarded but with free access. The structure provides wood, a grill for cooking by fire and a few drinks. This stop will allow you to warm up and try your hand at lighting a fire.


For snowshoe trails, follow the logo indicated on the rose signposts:
Percorso Nara-Cancorì 960.

The route Percorso Nara-Cancorì 960 is part of the national network of SwitzerlandMobility.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to leave the marked route.


  • Snowshoe
  • Boots
  • Hiking stick
  • Sun cup
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Water-bottle

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