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Image 1 - Winter walk Camperio-Gorda
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Winter walk Camperio-Gorda

A classic excursion leading to the Gorda Hut, situated on a gentle sunny plateau with a spectacular view of the Adula massif and the entire Valle del Sole.


The itinerary starts from Camperio on the right-hand side of the river, at the end of a straight stretch near a left-hand bend, and follows the winding forest road that climbs gently through an enchanted fir wood.

Gradually you gain height and the view of the mountains opposite is idyllic. At Sgianaresc, the road narrows to make way for the path that passes by several stone huts covered in snow, creating a magical atmosphere.

The panorama gradually becomes wider and wider and you reach the wide pastures of the Gorda mountains where the hut of the same name is located, almost always guarded even during the winter to ensure a pleasant restful break. The view from here is spectacular over the mountain range and the entire valley floor.

For the descent, it is possible to use rented sledges starting from the Gorda Hut, or the Gorda Express.

The route information are to be taken as outward and return trip on the same route.


The route is described as difficult because it is long, but technically it is an easy route.

For winter walks, follow the logo indicated on the rose signposts: Sentiero Camperio-Gorda 457.

The route Sentiero Camperio-Gorda 457 is part of the national network of SwitzerlandMobility.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to leave the marked route.


  • Hiking stick
  • Sun cup
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Water-bottle

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