Ceneritrip - win a Meetup in Ticino

We welcome you in the very south of Switzerland, right at the other end of the Ceneri Base Tunnel. Accompanied by an instagrammer you have the opportunity to take a look behind the camera.

What is this competition about?

Various competitions were held to discover the beauties of Ticino together with instagrammers, photographers and videomakers.

The last lucky winners could enjoy the mountains in the Bellinzona and Valleys region in a hiking experience with Jon Guler @jonglr, videomaker and professional photographer.

All the competitions are now over, but the experiences will remain in their hearts.


Jon Guler, @jonglr

Jon Guler, @jonglr
The goal of my films and photos is to convey a story and inspire.

With his breathtaking photos and videos on social media, Jon Guler @jonglr inspires his many Instagram followers (almost 45k!) and shows them the most picturesque mountains and portraits of an alpine life.


Lago Ritom, Val Piora
Lago di Cadagno, Vai Piora

Always on the move: by train to Piotta, a ride on the Ritom-Piora funicular and a stay in the Cadagno hut. 


Capanna di Cadagno,  Val Piora

Places of interest in Bellinzona e Valli

Breathing fresh mountain air, hearing the cow bell and being surrounded by green while eating local food is priceless.
This region of Bellinzona and Valleys can offer you all these emotions, but even more.