Ceneritrip - win a Meetup in Ticino

We welcome you for a day in the very south of Switzerland, right at the other end of the Ceneri Base Tunnel. Accompanied by an instagrammer you have the opportunity to take a look behind the camera.

What is this competition about?

Sylvia Michel @michelphotographych and dog Rasta @rastawhiteshepherd, photographer and Instagrammer, are on a discovery tour in Centovalli and visit villages in Ticino.

When? On 8 May, stay tuned!

The competition closed on 25.4.2021, the lucky winners have already been notified.


Sylvia Michel @michelphotographych and Rasta @rastawhiteshepherd

Sylvia Michel @michelphotographych and Rasta @rastawhiteshepherd
Rasta and I show Switzerland from its most beautiful side. With my pictures and videos I make wishes visible.


Win a day in the region of Lugano or Bellinzona and Valleys!

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With her colorful pictures and videos, Sylvia @michelphotographych inspires her numerous Instagram followers (with Rasta it's over 800k!) and shows them the most  picturesque corners of Switzerland.

Together with five winners and Rasta she goes on a tour in the beautiful Centovalli.


Always on the move: By train to Locarno, by Centovalli railway to Verdasio and by cable car to Rasa.

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Rasa, Centovalli

Places of interest in the Centovalli

Close your eyes, open them again and see a landscape full of colors in the middle of spring, feel the scent of flowers and guided by the sun, explore places full of life and sunny. In the Centovalli and its surroundings you can discover small villages that hide immense and magnificent landscapes to take some pictures and live unforgettable experiences.