5 ideas to get you closer to Ticino

The sun shines high, its rays begin to warm up the terraces and the house gets tighter and tighter. Between homeworking, the kids, house chores and grocery shopping, you've still got plenty of time in which you can already think about your next visit to Ticino. But who does not miss the Ticino mountains, the lakes, the breathtaking views and the typical products of the region? Discover 5 ideas to get closer to Ticino.

1. Ticino in your kitchen

Everyone can cook, even those who wouldn't have thought so. In these days where Wanderlust is strong, Ticino gives you some of its recipes. 1 teaspoon of salt, pepper to taste and a bit of positivity are some of the best ingredients to make the day shine. So come on, everyone to the burner and #cookwithticino!

2. Here comes the sun

Long live vitamin D! Our house has always been a wonderful place, but now it's getting a little small...why not stay on the balcony then? A bit of sun and a light breeze: if you close your eyes it almost feels like you're by the lake or up in the mountains! Arm yourself with sunscreen and the coolest deckchair of this time! But what about the weather on the balconies of Ticino? Find out on our webcams!

Lido Locarno
Hotel Castello del Sole, Ascona

3. The memory book

Dear Ticino, we'll be back to see you soon!
While waiting to return to your favorite region, why not take the opportunity to make a memory book... a sketch, a photo, a train ticket... everything can be useful to complete the pages! And if nostalgia persists, leafing through the album will warm your red and blue heart.

Discover the artist inside you

The art of making unforgettable memories

For a memory to be unforgettable you have to memorise it with all five senses or draw it. A sunny walk in the mountains in good company is the perfect scenario for creating your very own travel journal.



4. Greetings from Ticino

“Happy holidays and send me a postcard!”
At this moment a postcard can make you smile, and another one can let you dream. Then why not order the vintage postcard set box from the Ticino Shop and share some positivity?

5. Recharge your energy

There are those who exercise at home, those who test themselves in the kitchen, those who share photos on instagram and those who try to overcome the last level of the game they love so much on the phone. Take a break! Let your new best friend breathe for a few hours, time to recharge. Use the Ticino wireless charger, put your phone down and rest your body and mind.

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