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«Walkingtested» trail, that's been especially selected for walking and nordic walking (for evaluations and opinions see «see also»).

This long trail starts above Sonvico town, which may be admired for its medieval structure, with its narrow lanes, stairways and porticoes. The trail runs along beautiful paths and dirt roads (just a few stretches on asphalt). At times, the view embraces the lake and the city of Lugano or the peaks of the Denti della Vecchia. It is advisable above all in spring and summer. On the first stretch you'll encounter several stone sheds still used for breeding animals. After facing the uphill climb, go down the steep path that takes you to the Roson plain; after another uphill stretch, you reach an easy dirt road. Skirting the hill, you'll end up on the left side oft he Val Colla; from here you can reach the main road and the Madonna d'Arla Chapel (15th Century). Cross the road and go up another hill, where there is an incredible view. Then enter the forest and after a few bends in the road, there's a clearing; take a look to your right: the huge chestnut tree on the edge of the meadow is said to be the largest of the Canton of Ticino. You'll soon reach a tiny town and the Oratory of San Martino, built on top of a 7th century building. Its romanesque bell tower, instead, dates to the first half of the 9th century. From here, in just a few minutes, it's possible to reach the point of departure.
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  • ALTITUDE 924 mslm
  • DISTANCE 7.3 km
  • Time required 2 h
  • REGION Valli di lugano h
  • DEPARTURE Sonvico, at the end of the town (along the main road to Valcolla)
  • POINTS OF INTEREST Sonvico - Val d'Usin - Petrolzo - Madonna d'Arla - Monte Roveraccio - Costa - Sonvico
  • INDICATIONS Surface type: dirt road / path / asphalt
    Observations: -
    Nordic walking: change of rubber tips
    Water supply: 1 fountain along the way
    Access: bus stop at point of departure
  • TRACK Nordic Walking