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«Walkingtested» trail, that's been especially selected for walking and nordic walking (for evaluations and opinions see «see also»).

Pleasant wooded itinerary in the first stretch, with a lovely view over the plain that is known as the Pampa and Campagna Cassinone. The point of arrival and departure are located at the parking lot adjacent to the town square; before starting off, it's possible to fill up your water bottle with fresh water from the fountain in the middle of Sora Square. The whole itinerary may be covered without using rubber tips. The first stretch unfolds on a dirt road that soon enters into a thick forest and turns into a pleasant path running along dry-stone walls and then closed in by a narrow valley. Having reached the «sasso biotto» area, a widening in the forest offers you a great view of the Pampa plain. From here a steep uphill path starts, which you must face with a regular and unhurried step. At the end of the climb, a long flat stretch with a nice view of Motto della Croce hill, allows you to recover normal breathing. The return downhill is always through the woods on a path that's not too steep but pay attention anyway, in case of wet ground or rain. At the end of the path, you must go for a short stretch on the main road with no sidewalk, so be extremely careful.
walkingtested.ch (see «see also») notes and technical assessments, suggestions and updates on the state of the itinerary.


  • ALTITUDE 690 mslm
  • DISTANCE 5.6 km
  • Time required 1.75 h
  • REGION Malcantone h
  • DEPARTURE Sessa, parking near the town square
  • POINTS OF INTEREST Sessa - Bonzaglio - Sasso Biotto - Erbagni - Dossi - Gromo - Sessa
  • INDICATIONS Surface type: asphalt / dirt road
    Observations: be careful in case of wet ground
    Nordic Walking: without rubber tips
    Water supply: 1 fountain, at point of departure
    Access: parking and bus stop at point of departure
  • TRACK Nordic Walking