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«Walkingtested» trail, that's been especially selected for walking and nordic walking (for evaluations and opinions see «see also»).

This itinerary is rather long and mostly in the woods. The point of departure and arrival are located at the municipal parking area behind the Church of San Martino. It's advisable to start out using rubber tips. Upon entering the woods remove the rubber tips, since here you start walking on a nice dirt road. Soon you reach a clearing in front of the Church of the Madonna della Morella, nearby there is a fountain. You continue walking in the woods which, from time to time, offers you a glimpse of charming panoramas of the valley of Wine-cellars, Curio, all the way to the Lugano Lake. On this stretch you'll encounter several votive chapels. Once you've crossed the road towards Curio (on this short stretch you may put rubber tips on), you'll come across an organic herbalist's shop and then continue along a stream and cultivated fields under Mount Lema. After having surpassed a horse stable, you cross the main road (put rubber tips on) and proceed into a lovely forest of chestnut and beech trees, which opens up all of a sudden and lets you take in a view of the Tresa Valley and the tiny town of Biogno. Upon entering the forest, remove rubber tips again, paying attention to the path which at times is narrow and a little steep. Once out of the forest, follow the dirt road with its wide bends. On the last asphalt stretch, it's advisable to put rubber tips back on.
walkingtested.ch (see «see also») notes and technical assessments, suggestions and updates on the state of the itinerary.


  • ALTITUDE 646 mslm
  • DISTANCE 10 km
  • Time required 2.25 h
  • REGION Malcantone h
  • DEPARTURE Pura, Church of San Martino
  • POINTS OF INTEREST Pura - Barbada - Morella - Curio - Feredino - Scangei - Pura
  • INDICATIONS Surface type: asphalt / dirt road
    Observations: be careful in crossing the road in the Curio area
    Nordic Walking: change of rubber tips
    Water supply: 1 fountain along the way
    Access: parking near point of departure, bus stop nearby
  • TRACK Nordic Walking