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«Walkingtested» path especially selected for the practice of walking and Nordic walking (for reviews and comments see «Information»)
Along the entire walk you can enjoy a stunning view of Lake Maggiore, from Tenero to Punta di Pino, from the Magadino Plain to the hills of Gambarogno. The starting point is at the park in Orselina, next to the eclectic «Castello bernese», now home to the kindergarten and elementary school. The route alternates between paved road, steps, and easy trails, winding between inhabited areas and woods. The walk is pleasant although quite demanding because of its length. The use of rubber tips is recommended along almost the entire route. You can drink fresh water from several fountains along the way. Also, after the section in the woods there is a bathroom located on the side of the open area right before the signpost for «Monti della Trinità». Pay particular attention on sections of the road with no sidewalk and poor visibility, as well as while crossing roads with no pedestrian crossing. Suitable during all seasons thanks to its sunny location. From Orselina walk toward Brione sopra Minusio. Past the nucleus of Brione sopra Minusio enter the woods and follow the trail marked «Sentiero Collina Alta» until the sign for «Orselina». Be especially careful in case of wet ground on the short downhill stretch. The path takes you back to Orselina and to your starting point.


  • ALTITUDE 590 mslm
  • DISTANCE 7.9 km
  • Time required 1 h
  • REGION Locarno e dintorni h
  • DEPARTURE Orselina, park
  • POINTS OF INTEREST Orselina - Brione - Carmine - Ronco di Bosco - All 'Eco - Monti della Trinità
  • INDICATIONS Type: Mixed gravel/paved road
    Comments: Beware traffic
    Nordic Walking: Change of tips
    Provisions: 3 fountains on the way
    Access: Bus stop and parking at the park in Orselina
  • TRACK Nordic Walking