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Walkingtested» path especially selected for the practice of walking and Nordic walking (for reviews and comments see «Information»)
The starting point is at the Losone football field. From here walk to the Maggia River floodplain, passing by the minigolf. The path is flat and runs along the Maggia, Melezza, and Isorno Rivers through wooded floodplains and wide meadows. You will be walking on an easy dirt road that sometimes turns into a wide trail. Only the short stretch between the bridge over the Melezza River and the one over the Isorno requires the use of rubber tips. Here the road is subject to traffic, so be careful. Admire the first steep mountains of the Centovalli and Onsernone valleys and get a glimpse of the villages of Verscio (recognizable by its red bell tower) and Cavigliano. The walk over the rivers Melezza and Isorno is especially pleasant, with a view of river beaches, an old bridge with a few remaining arches, and the «Ponte dei Cavalli» (The Bridge of the Horses), where the houses are built into the rock. Look toward the mountain and you will see the Centovallina train bridge, as if it were magically suspended on air. At this point you are about half-way. Return along the opposite side of the Maggia River floodplain, with the view widening as you approach the lake. After crossing the river once again you will find yourself on the same road that will take you back to the starting point.


  • ALTITUDE 272 mslm
  • DISTANCE 12.5 km
  • Time required 1 h
  • REGION Locarno e dintorni h
  • DEPARTURE Losone, football field
  • POINTS OF INTEREST Losone - Zandone - Colombè - Cavigliano - Gabbi - Verscio - Saleggi - Losone
  • INDICATIONS Type: Dirt road
    Comments: Bridge crossing, beware traffic
    Nordic Walking: Change of tips
    Provisions: -
    Access: Bus stop 500 meters away, parking nearby
  • TRACK Nordic Walking