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«Walkingtested» trail, that's been especially selected for walking and nordic walking (for evaluations and opinions see «see also»).

4 Itineraries

- Montaccio
This itinerary runs along an easy shaded path, almost entirely in the woods, very suitable also in mid-summer due to its hilly position. The point of departure and arrival are located at the parking lot, in the Lisone area, north of the town of Cademario; the itinerary runs around the Montaccio hill. The new scenic path, in the second part of the itinerary, allows you to catch a glimpse of the stunning views ranging from Agno to Lugano, from Mount Salvatore to Mount Brè. Just a little further on you reach the oratory of San Bernardo, dating to the 16th century. Helsana Trail itineraries. The point of departure and arrival is located slightly beyond the elementary school. You can park in the parking lot in the Lisone area.
- Short Itinerary (3.2) - A Trail: this trail is entirely on dirt road or path and so there's no need to bring your rubber tips; it passes through a lovely woods of beeches and chestnut trees and is great in all seasons. This is a short, easy itinerary, with little uphill climbing especially well-suited to those who have just started practicing Nordic walking.
¬ Intermediate Itinerary (4.8 Km) - B Trail: on the first stretch it follows the same dirt road as the other two Helsana-Trail itineraries and joins the «Long» trail only after the barrier placed along the path. Once you've reached the top of Agra hill, marked by a great white cross, you'll be able to admire the gorgeous pre-alpine landscape to the north and Capriasca on your right. In the second part you will come across an interesting biotope and then continue through a thick forest.
- Long Itinerary (6.8 Km) - C Trail: after the first stretch, in common with the short and intermediate trails, continue along a path, in which certain humid areas may become problematic and slippery, especially in case of heavy rains, so be very careful. Before reaching the dirt road again, you come across the beautiful Sotto Bar Hill standing cone-shaped on the right of the trail; a little further you'll come to a stretch of asphalt road (apply rubber tips). The «intermediate» path joins the «long» path while you are reaching the top of Agra hill.
walkingtested.ch (see «see also») notes and technical assessments, suggestions and updates on the state of the itinerary.


  • ALTITUDE 940 mslm
  • DISTANCE 5.7 km
  • Time required 1.25 h
  • REGION Malcantone h
  • DEPARTURE Cademario, Lisone parking lot
  • POINTS OF INTEREST Lisone - Aronno - Forcora - S.Bernardo - Lisone
  • INDICATIONS Surface type: dirt road
    Observations: -
    Nordic Walking: change of rubber tips
    Water supply: 1 fountain along the way
    Access: parking and bus stop at point of departure
  • TRACK Nordic Walking