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«Walkingtested» path especially selected for the practice of walking and Nordic walking (for reviews and comments see «Information»)
The path starts at the entrance of the village, opposite the medieval church of S. Antonio Abate, where the main road curves. Here you will find a fountain and a bathroom. Start by walking through the village's narrow streets, where you can admire some of the architecture. The path continues through the woods in the area known as «Collina di Maia» and is accessible year-round. However, note that it crosses wetlands (for the most part dry), so it is advisable to pay attention in the event of heavy rains. The first and last stretches are on paved roads, so you will have to put on and remove your rubber tips. Take the dirt road that starts on the other side of the village and descends along a small valley basin where a creek runs. Here, especially in the fall, you can see clear traces of wild boars that overturned grass, underbrush, rocks, and anything they came across in search of food. After crossing the creek, climb the opposite side, immersed in a beautiful chestnut tree grove, until you reach a clearing with a small pond in the center. Go around the clearing where, on the other side of the hill, there is a path that, passing through small depressions with creeks and wetlands, leads you to the paved road and back to the village of Arcegno.


  • ALTITUDE 428 mslm
  • DISTANCE 4.1 km
  • Time required 0.9 h
  • REGION Locarno e dintorni h
  • DEPARTURE Arcegno, entrance of the village
  • POINTS OF INTEREST Arcegno - S. Rocco - S. Giorgio - Ciossa - Arcegno
  • INDICATIONS Type: Trail
    Comments: -
    Nordic Walking: Change of tips
    Provisions: Fountain at departure
    Access: Parking and bus stop 200 meters away
  • TRACK Nordic Walking