Digital Ticket

Ticino Ticket

The Ticino Ticket in 2021 will be transformed!

The first phase of the project has been realised: tourists will be able to fill in their own digital ticket and download it to their smartphone via a Web App.

This is a new first step towards digitisation that will save considerable time for both the host and guests, as well as being much more environmentally friendly.

The second phase, in which we are already active in terms of planning, will be completed with full digitisation at the beginning of 2022.

The restyling of this website, dedicated to you, has enabled us to provide you with all the details relating to this first phase through: video tutorials, user manuals and other information supports.

Happy browsing!

The main new features:

Each accommodation facility will have the possibility, through the Ticino Ticket platform, to print its own QR code. This code will be displayed in a clearly visible manner at the reception or, even better, in the rooms. The guest has only to activate his ticket with the Ticino Ticket Web App through the camera function.

Once this step has been taken, the guest will be able to travel for free on the entire Arcobaleno public transport network and receive interesting discounts on ski lifts, navigation and the main tourist attractions.

The web application will then be useful to the tourist when visiting one of the over one hundred tourist attractions. Simply open it and scan the QR code - in the form of a sticker - placed near the ticket offices and get the relative discount applied.

The printing of the Ticino Ticket on paper and its delivery to guests remains possible for the whole of 2021.