Image 0 -  Path of Piottino itinerary
Image 1 -  Path of Piottino itinerary

Path of Piottino itinerary

The route starts in Monda (Dalpe), near the Bedrina marsh at 1200 metres above sea level, home to an upland peat bog set within a protected area of national importance.
It is very important not to wander off the path.

The upper section part of the route passes through an area covered with birch, whitebeams, spruce, larch, rhododendrons, juniper, bilberries, cranberries, bog bilberries and heather. Mushrooms, toadstools and club mosses also grow here.

The point that skirts the Motto di Dalpe precipice, which enjoys all-round views, is home to lily of the valley, Turk’s cap lily and gentian, all of which flower in around mid-June, marking the effective start of spring in this area.

The central part of the boggy area provides a habitat for sphagnum, round-leaved sundew (a protected carnivorous plant), sedges, narrow-leaved cottongrass and tussock cottongrass.
The numerous animals to be found in the area include: hares, squirrels, roe deer, badgers, European common frogs, golden eagles, great tits, green woodpeckers, jays and dragonflies.
The itinerary visits a number of different environments, including arid pastures with silver thistles, and a stretch of river with common ash, white alder, maple and goat’s beard. Crickets can be heard singing in the background, while small mounds of earth indicate the presence of moles in the area.
Next you come to the Prato Leventina, where you can enjoy a clear view of the church dating back to 1210, the old mule track and the kiln.
The second part of the itinerary leads to Dazio Vecchio. A little farther ahead, on the right-hand slopes of the Piottino walkers can enjoy a beautiful view over the Media Leventina area. Turning back on your steps you pass through a quartz quarry before the excursion comes to an end in Dazio Grande.



  • Hiking boots
  • Sun cap
  • Water-bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Hiking map
  • Camera
  • Food


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