Image 0 - Yoga trail - Madonna delle Rive Church
Image 1 - Yoga trail - Madonna delle Rive Church

Yoga trail - Madonna delle Rive Church

The path of Yoga in Faido is very pleasant and takes us to energetic places like the little church Madonna delle Rive, energetically linked to the Franciscan Convent and Hostel of the Capuchins, and to the waterfall of the Piumogna.

The Madonna delle Rive has a very sweet, feminine and devotional energy. An underground waterway runs through it from the altar to the terrace in front of it, passing under the entrance portico. In the church and outside there are lunar and stellar frequencies, which enrich our aura of light, femininity and cosmic awareness, as well as activate our intuition, receptivity and creativity. 

Along the path you will have pleasant encounters. Among these, there is the one with ancient chestnut trees of two hundred to three hundred years old and that perfectly embody this philosophy.
Another welcome encounter is with water, an element often wrongly considered trivial, logical and easy to understand but that lately is making us understand that it still has an infinite number of fascinating secrets to discover.

On the Yoga path, this fantastic and indispensable element is found on the path that starts from the road above the regional hospital and leads to the church dedicated to the Madonna delle Rive.

On the short but steep climb, almost at the top, when you start to glimpse the church, you can also hear the sweet melody of the water that falls through a small waterfall in a lovely stone pool.


Clothing for yoga.

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