Percorso Pedemontano

This flat route at the foot of the mountains leads you alongside the Magadino plain. Away from busy roads, you will discover fascinating spots close to Bellinzona, inviting you to take a well-earned break.

The pedestrian zone of Bellinzona’s Old Town and the enchanting medieval castles – a UNESCO World Heritage site – are the absolute highlights for visitors to Ticino. The residential areas and village centres in the surrounding areas radiate their own allure and are full of surprises even for the inhabitants of Switzerland’s southernmost canton.

There are charming fountains, play areas for the little ones and green recreational areas where you can leave the everyday hustle and bustle far behind. If you do not wish to pedal further, simply follow the official signposts to one of the many railway stations and let the train take the strain as you return to your starting point.

This route can be ridden in both directions. Riding on to the north of Bellinzona, stunning views of the Alpine valleys and right into the heart of the Alps open up after you cross the Moësa river. In the southbound direction, the gentle landscape alongside Lake Maggiore beckons.

Itinerary features
2H 30
22.22 KM
Sunday 18 February
MAX 9° / MIN -2°
rainfall 20%
wind light
Weather forecast for the next days

7° -2°

6° -2°

7° -3°

6° -4°

6° -2°

For cycling, follow the logo indicated on the red signposts:
Percorso Pedemontano
n. 311

Tourism Organization Addresses

Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino
Sede Bellinzonese

Palazzo Civico
CH-6500 Bellinzona
T +41 91 825 21 31
F +41 91 821 41 20
[email protected]

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