North-South Route: Airolo-Bellinzona

The descent through the Leventina valley promises sheer pleasure because, instead of pedalling, you can simply freewheel down this stretch of SwitzerlandMobility route no. 3.

On the way, the cyclist will be treated to scenic highlights and a range of cultural attractions from across 8 centuries. On this tour, in the shortest of time spans, you'll experience 3 worlds and 3 climate zones. From alpine coniferous forests to vineyards to Mediterranean palms. There's a lot to discover culturally too. After about 12 kilometers you'll pass the Dazio Grande, the old customs house where all travellers over the Gotthard used to have to pay a toll. A visit to the museum attached to the Dazio Grande is really recommended. A few kilometres further on, in Faido, there are Renaissance houses with carved decoration, then the first traditional Ticino stone houses. These are followed by modern constructions such as the imposing Biaschina viaduct for the Gotthard motorway: best to make a stop here to have a good look at this. After the long descent, it's worth stopping in Giornico with its seven churches and chapels. One of them is the church of San Nicolao, the most significant romanesque construction in the Ticino.

After Biasca you can continue along Veloland route no. 3 to Bellinzona.

Itinerary features
3H 15
64.86 KM
5 KM
Wednesday 21 February
MAX 9° / MIN -3°
rainfall 0%
wind light
Weather forecast for the next days

7° -3°

6° -2°

8° -2°

7° -2°

4° -3°

For cycling, follow the logo indicated on the red signposts:
no. 3

Tourism Organization Addresses

Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino
Sede Leventina

Via della Stazione 22
CH-6780 Airolo
T +41 91 869 15 33
F +41 91 869 26 42
[email protected]

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