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Malcantone Bike

This tour offers a chance to explore the green hills and mountains of Malcantone: an encounter with nature that allows you to observe different ecosystems and their development.

From Ponte Tresa, the Malcantone Bike ride passes through the hillside woodlands of Malcantone. The Museo del Malcantone in Curio presents fascinating facts about the region's culture and history. From there, the route continues towards Mount Lema. It's well worth making a detour from Miglieglia to Mount Lema on the cable car to enjoy the magnificent view.

From Miglieglia, the route continues at the foot of Mount Lema to the picturesque village of Astano. The woodland around Mount Lema comprises native and non-native tree species.

Between Miglieglia and Mount Faeta you'll find a number of buildings that provide information about how people once lived, including the woodcutter's museum.

The historic centre of Astano is full of character and well worth a visit. Not far away, you'll find a bathing lake by the same name amid the verdant landscape. The route leads back from Astano via Banco and past Mount Mondini to Ponte Tresa.

Take on the ascent of Mount Mondini and you'll be rewarded with a magnificent view of neighbouring Italy.


For mountain biking, follow the logo indicated on the red signposts:
Malcantone Bike
no. 354

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