Image 0 - Linea LONA - Fortification system
Image 1 - Linea LONA - Fortification system
Image 2 - Linea LONA - Fortification system

Linea LONA - Fortification system


The Linea LONA (Lodrino-Osogna) was built during WWII, from 1939 to 1943, as a defensive barrier of national importance to prevent enemy attacks coming from the south toward the Lucomagno and St. Gotthard Passes.

It consists of 23 artillery forts and a series of reinforced concrete blocks placed on an anti-tank line which crosses the valley floor from Lodrino to Osogna. The artillery and infantry installations at the Forte Mondascia in Biasca are either the prelude or the conclusion of a visit to the Linea LONA.


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