Image 0 - La Strada Alta tappa 3: Anzonico-Biasca
Image 1 - La Strada Alta tappa 3: Anzonico-Biasca
Image 2 - La Strada Alta tappa 3: Anzonico-Biasca

La Strada Alta tappa 3: Anzonico-Biasca

At the southern end of the village of Anzonico, near the small church of Sant’Antonio, the Strada Alta trail continues, passing through grassy slopes and woods. This particularly panoramic section brings us, after passing Segno with its many stables, to the mediaeval church of Sant’Ambrogio characterised by a small bell tower.
Going down even further through green expanses, we come to the village of Cavagnago and near the parish church, the trail rejoins the road to Sobrio.
We continue at first through steep inclines, then we return to a chestnut tree wood to finally pass through pastures just below Ronzano. Here we can catch sight of the top of the bell tower of the San Lorenzo church in Sobrio, which forms a small conglomerate with the parish house and the cemetery.
Sobrio, a small and sunny village, is often chosen as an additional stage of the Strada Alta.

The hike continues to Valecc, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view, through to the imposing Vallone Gorge along broom tree covered slopes above Dragone Creek.
The last section is a winding trail overlooking the Bodio and Pollegio mountains; the descent into the valley floor begins after the picturesque Diganengo mountain, near the Forester's House.
At first we enter in a chestnut tree wood, and cross Corecco mountain to finally reach Pollegio along a dirt road. Following a secondary surfaced road, we come to the community of Pasquerio and pass the beautiful stone bridge over the Brenno to an area called “Ponte”.
From here, passing through the town and central piazza of Biasca, we reach the train station.

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  • Hiking boots
  • Sun cap
  • Water-bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Hiking map
  • Camera
  • Food


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