Image 0 - La Strada Alta tappa 1: Airolo-Osco
Image 1 - La Strada Alta tappa 1: Airolo-Osco
Image 2 - La Strada Alta tappa 1: Airolo-Osco

La Strada Alta tappa 1: Airolo-Osco

The hike begins at Airolo station: after a small stretch on the main street, we cover a few meters on the cantonal road of the St Gotthard Pass, and close to the cemetery we take a left turn in order to reach Valle.

Continuing along the old mule track in Val Canaria, we arrive in Madrano where we can enjoy the view of the lower-lying Stalvedro Gorge.

The Strada Alta continues in the direction of Brugnasco and Altanca where the intermediate station of one of steepest funiculars (Ritom) in the world is located. Near the funicular, you can see the beautiful small church of the village, located on the rock face on a historical shrine.


After having gone through Altanca, the location of a restored old mill, we arrive at Cresta di Sopra, the highest point of our hiking tour (1419 m); from there the Strada Alta descends and goes through the beautiful township of Ronco, to finally arrive at Deggio. There, the road rises slightly at first as it reaches San Martino, where a small 11th century church is located, one of the oldest in the valley, then it reaches Lurengo, where we enter in the Bosco d’Öss which leads to Freggio.

Travelling through this final section located above the Piottino Gorge, we leave Alta Leventina to enter in Media. After passing the small village church, we continue in the direction of Osco; our first stage destination.

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  • Hiking boots
  • Sun cap
  • Water-bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Hiking map
  • Camera
  • Food


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