Cristallina Panoramic Route


The circuit winds around the peaks that crown the right side of the Bedretto Valley, encroaching into the Robiei basin. 

Hike up the Val d‘Olgia towards the San Giacomo Pass, then deviate onto the trails heading for the Grandinagia Pass. On the valmeggese side, the new challenging trail (white-blue, T6) leads to the Canale del Becco, a steep 200 m stretch equipped with ropes and rungs. Just a few meters from the Cima di Lago, take in the magnificent view of the Basodino and the Cristallina. Comfortable overnight accommodations are available at the Hut and the following day continue downhill towards the Cristallina Alp. From here return to All‘Acqua or head towards Pesciüm and then descend to Airolo.


The careful planning of a tour will ensure that you also derive the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from it.

Alternative routes


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