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Collina d'Oro Bike

This tour conjugates sports, culture and natural surroundings in one unique excursion. It departs from an idyllic little lake and passes through the woods of the Collina d'Oro (the Golden Hill). It then reaches another water element, the Lake of Lugano, which is on the other side of the hill.

You depart from the small lake of Muzzano, a rare example of a glacier lake in the hills of Lugano; here, at just a stone's throw from the city, you can admire a lovely lakeshore which has remained intact and unspoilt by buildings, offering you the possibility of taking a plunge into nature.

Along the way, you pass through Montagnola, where Hermann Hesse the Nobel Prize for Literature lived. This village features a museum dedicated to Hesse and also a path bearing his name. Despite the fact that he had always loved travelling all over the world, his health and love for the beauties of this region, led him to retire here, where he also developed a second passion, painting, inspired by the splendid landscapes of his surroundings.

Once you've reached the other side of the hill, you'll find the Pian Càsoro Park on the lakeshore, an ideal area for leisure activities, swimming and fun in general. The area open to the public is very much appreciated. The outlet represents a very special natural environment and consequently the Pian Càsoro, is a protected area. In the park there is a biotope that is listed as one of the reproductive site for amphibians and is protected at the Federal level. Many different species of frogs and toads live and reproduce themselves in the pond.


For mountain biking, follow the logo indicated on the red signposts:
Collina d'Oro Bike
no. 352

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