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Capriasca Bike

This tour is designed to exploit some of the peculiarities that Capriasca offers. The itinerary touches il Motto della Croce, one of the best panoramic views of Lugano. It crosses a varied territory immersed in lush greenery where the works of man mix with those created by nature.


The tour starts along the single trail that connects Signora with Piandanazzo, the only uphill stretch climbs a height difference of 600 meters uphill. Piandanazzo represents an ideal place for refreshment from where it continues on an unpaved road towards the «Bike Friendly» Monte Bar alpine hut. It then descends towards Il Motto della Croce from where it begins a panoramic single trail towards Alpe Davrosio, an active mountain pasture where you can come across goats or, if you're lucky, a group of galloping horses. You continue from this pasture and on up to Gola di Lago along a road partially closed to traffic and enjoyable to follow as it goes through a most delightful area.


At Gola di Lago there is one of the richest peat-lands in Ticino. A splendid landscape that you can fully enjoy pausing at the hospitable Alpe Santa Maria, where several species of animals are reared. Another alternative offered is the Alpe Zalto farmhouse where you can sleep, should you wish to lengthen the excursion.


The most varied section of this itinerary begins from here: passing first from an unpaved road to a single trail you can observe the evocative landscape consisting of numerous stone cottages, pastures and woods. One highlight of the Moschera area, on the left just a few meters from the trail, is a cluster of ancient houses in ruins that take you back in time.


In the Moei area the excursion can be lengthened: just follow an unpaved road for 600 meters which leads to Monte Bigorio, a beautiful area and a viewpoint with a different perspective on the region.


1 km from the Convent of Bigorio the route returns to the road, the aforementioned convent which connects with the Via Crucis and adds value to the end of this excursion. It is recommended to visit also the characteristic centres of both Bigorio and Tesserete and take advantage, in the spring and summer months, of an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by greenery.


Altogether this fascinating landscape in which this route crosses is diversified and allows you to appreciate an area full of stone cottages, pastures and woodland.


For mountain biking, follow the logo indicated on the red signposts:
Capriasca Bike
no. 359

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