A fascinating culinary treasure hunt

  • 14 september – 10.15
  • 25°
  • 367 m
  • Surprised

Six clues, six specialities and three hours to discover and savour a city. The FoodTrail Mendrisio is the perfect way to explore the capital of the Mendrisiotto and enjoy the mouthwatering delights it has to offer. History, architecture, views and local produce are the ingredients that make up this activity suitable for everyone.

You were right: you should have turned right. Instead, you followed the others and have come to a narrow street in the opposite direction from your mouthwatering target. Not to worry! You’ve just discovered a truly wonderful corner of Mendrisio and discovered why it’s known as the Magnifico Borgo. You stop to take some photos before continuing the hunt. 

You didn’t really know what to expect this morning when the tourist office gave you the instructions, the material and the first clue to help you start your history-packed and flavoursome journey of discovery. However, you already knew that Switzerland’s southernmost region was famous for its food and you were looking forward to sampling some delicious specialities, while exploring the city at the same time. 

You and your friends solved the first clue at once and the adventure got underway with a friendly smile from the shopkeeper who welcomed you with a tasty treat. Should you eat it straight away or wait until you’d collected all the tasty treasures? You didn’t stop to think for too long: the panino was too good… 

On your way to the next stop, you wonder whether it will involve Muggio Valley cheeses? Zincarlin? Or a savoury salami? You admire the narrow alleyways, the impressive church of Santi Cosima e Damiano, the cloisters in the former convent that now houses the art Museum, and the little church of Santa Maria in Borgo, a hidden gem. 

There’s no doubt about it: you’re having great fun and can’t wait to try the inviting pizza that will be served to you in the beautiful garden of the Academy of Architecture, perhaps on the very bench where Mario Botta once used to sit. 

Eric Notari, - master brewer of Officina della Birra
Eric Notari,master brewer of Officina della Birra
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The FoodTrail is available from Tuesday to Friday, starting between 9 and 11:15 a.m. It departs from the Mendrisiotto Turismo headquarters, where you will be given the material and the first clue.