Image 0 - sunrise concert on San Salvatore

sunrise concert on San Salvatore

sunrise concert on San Salvatore with a string quintet and afterwards breakfast at the Restaurant Vetta.

The well-known cellist Claude Hauri, accompanied by four young musicians, the violinists Tea Vitali and Emanuele Zanforlin, the violist Maria Beatrice Aramu and cellist Milo Ferrazzini, all students or former students of the Conservatory of Southern Switzerland, will present an emotional and sensory itinerary that will accompany the listener from the darkness of the night to the rising of the sun, in a fascinating musical journey of great intensity, focused on authors from Eastern Europe, from Russia’s Tchaikovski to the music of Gypsy.


-Departure funicular 4h30, 4h45 and 5h00
-Concert start time at the top 5h30 
-After concert breakfast at the Restaurant Vetta 
-Return 7h30, 8h00 or from 9h00 every half hour


In case of bad weather, the concert will be postponed to Sunday 23rd August 2020 (info tel. 1600).
Funicular, concert and breakfast
Adults Fr. 39.-
With ParadisoCard Fr. 30.-
Children 6-16 years Fr. 15.-