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Yoga Retreat Casa Corvo

keur Wellness would love to take you on a journey. We offer contemporary retreats, experiences and explorations to find balance in body, mind and heart. The word keur refers to the french word coeur, which means heart. keur is all about creating an experience that will not leave your heart untouched.

Join one of our 3 retreats in Switzerland this summer. We guide you through morning and evening practices and ceremonies and optional workshops. There will be enough time for hikes, walks and other experiences in nature. The retreats offer a safe place for self-exploration, stillness training and reflection.

In this specific retreat, we will be offering classes, workshops and ceremonies that are rooted in the science of breathwork, traditional yoga, kundalini yoga, movement, meditation and herbalism. The beautiful nature surrounding our Ticino location will be enhancing our group experience. The fire element represents passion, purification as well as rejuvenation and will be the theme of the retreat.