Image 0 - Yoga Flow on the Mountain Top

Yoga Flow on the Mountain Top

Regain your inner balance ... 


Flow Yoga is a moving meditation practice. The dynamic and fluid movements enable you to remove all the tension from the body and the mind. The movements are synchronized with your breathing: there is a lifting, expanding and opening of the body with every inhalation, on exhalation the body flows into the next posture, like a sea wave. Every yoga flow practice is composed of a sequence of yoga postures that run naturally into each other by means of smooth and controlled movements, with a focus on awareness of your breathing and deep relaxation. Flow yoga is an excellent way to regain your inner balance. It is suitable for all levels of experience and ability, respecting your own limits and characteristics.



  • 7.40am Meeting at the station in Capolago
  • 8.00am Special departure of the Monte Generoso Railway
  • 9.00am Yoga with Michelle Badrutt
  • 10.30am Buffet breakfast
  • Free descent, see timetable: www.montegeneroso.ch/timetable


Cogwheel train round trip
Yoga (1h30, bring your own mattress)
Buffet breakfast:
CHF 68.00


Dates: June, 21st; July, 5th; July, 19th.

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