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Workshop «enriching relationships»

This workshop is a wonderful journey to you and your true self, to what you really are, namely a bright shining spiritual being. It is about recognizing or rediscovering yourself, discovering your beauty, because being beautiful means being yourself. Gently we learn to "accept" ourselves, understanding that this means freedom. Freedom means independence. In this independence we connect in freedom, which means that we are already whole in ourselves. Through this wholeness, we no longer need anyone to complement us and make us complete. We can thus attract someone who is also "whole." This is where the miracle begins - the miracle of happy relationships. Together we develop this basis. During this process, yoga and meditation exercises will be a part of it. The result of this or the insight will be connections that enrich and delight.
abriela Ghenzi will guide us through this insightful workshop, using specific questions to help us release the true self from imprints, experiences and patterns that are obstacles in the way. Because exactly these three are again and again the cause for us to make a wrong choice of partner, business and/or private. Let's tackle the path that leads us to happy and enriching relationships.
Language: German and English

Information & registration: https://www.optilution.ch/de/workshops-retreats/bereichernde-beziehungen-fuehren.html


  • OPENING Fri... Sat: 09:00 - 14:00
  • CATEGORIES Get-togethers