Image 0 - Theatre - The Mirror of Iyagbon

Theatre - The Mirror of Iyagbon

Show by Juri Cainero, Beatriz Navarro e Samson Ogiamien.


A mirror game between cultures, between contemporary and ancestral, between European museums and African rituals.


Iyagbon's mirror is a multidisciplinary show that questions the different regimes of meaning incorporated by ritual objects that have become objects of art. Among these objects now kept in the great ethnographic museums of Europe, there is most of the African sculptural heritage, moved through colonial exploitation.


Many artifacts, masks and tools that we can admire in museums were initially created for ritual use, then purchased, found or stolen to be exhibited. What if we try to reverse this pattern?


The Onyrikon company, in collaboration with Nigerian sculptor Samson Ogiamien, proposes a travelling show that will take place in several ethnographic museums and scenic arts festivals in Switzerland and Europe. In each of these places Ogiamien's sculpture, Iyagbon, will first be exhibited as an art object and then stolen to become a ritual object. The public will be invited to participate in the migration of the sculpture to an external site where an artistic ritual will take place, an attempt to generate an ephemeral community around an art-magic object.


Show duration: 1h30

For more information please visit the CAVAVIVA website.


  • OPENING Wed... Sun: 21:00
  • CATEGORIES Theatre